CD-008 [ Miyazawa Kenji, Kawakami Osamu, Kohei Kondo ](WTCH008)

WTCH008Miyazawa Kenji (arr. Kurosawa Takeshi) : Song of the Circling Stars
Kawakami Osamu : The Nights of Miyazawa Kenji
– 1. Afternoon class “image of milky way”
– 2. Station of galaxy
– 3. Apple and Campanella
– 4. Monologue of youth
– 5. Fire of scorpion
– 6. Epilogue
Kohei Kondo : “Prayer on the seashore” – In memoriam of victims of earthquake and nuclear reactors. op.121
Kohei Kondo : Rowing out into the southern sea op.128
Kohei Kondo : “Snow on the seashore” – In memoriam of the victims of the earthquake and the tsunami. op.122
Kohei Kondo : Native land for piano solo with left hand only. op.127

piano Takeo TCHINAI

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